How I Used Perfect Woman Breast Cream To Gain Two Cup Sizes
Jul 9th, 2014 by Aldouspi

How I Used Perfect Woman Breast Cream To Gain Two Cup Sizes

In this post, I want to tell you what I did to gain two cup sizes with Perfect Woman breast enlarging cream. It actually was pretty simple, but I did have to stay disciplined.

First of all, I applied the Perfect Woman breast cream to my breasts once a day. I tried to do this after bathing or showering, but that was not always the case. Life has a way of getting into your schedule, but the important thing was that I used the product consistently. Sometimes I used the product once in the morning and once in the evening.

As part of my plan to enlarge my breasts, I also purposely massaged my breasts during the times I applied the breast enlarging solution. I had read in a breast enlarging guide called "Flat to Fab" that massaging would improve the rate of breast growth. Massaging your breast increases the circulation, which gets the breast enlarging ingredients faster to the areas in your breast that they need to get to.

There is a special way you are supposed to massage, by moving your hands in an inward circle, The right hand rubbing in the cream going clockwise and the left hand on the left breast going counterclockwise. Not only is this good for getting the breast cream absorbed, it is also good for your general breast health.

Another thing different from my teenage days is that I decided to eat better. I drank a protein shake every day. Ate more vegetables and less sugar. All an all, my thinking was - I am growing breast tissue and I want to support that growth with the best nutrition that I can.

Within two weeks I began to experience that tingling, tight sensation in my breasts - they had begun to grow and within 6 months I had gone from an A Cup to a C Cup. I don't know how typical that is, I think that I was always supposed to be a C Cup. But, whatever, Perfect Woman helped get me there.

If you want to know more about Perfect Woman, visit their website at: Perfect Woman Breast Cream.

Perfect Woman Breast Enlargement Cream

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Economical Breast Enlargement
May 6th, 2014 by Janetay


It is always interesting when you hear plastic surgeon complaining about their business. ON the TV the other day I overhead one surgeon stating that the economy in parts of his cosmetic practice just has not come back. He said that women are coming into his practice to see about breast enlargement, being told the procedure and typical cost, the women say something like, "I'll go out to my car and get my checkbook," but then they don't come back.

The truth is that breast enhancement surgeries are costly and risky, too. Such procedures should be the exception and not the rule for woman who want larger breasts.

Yet women are enlarge their breasts, naturally, and without spending a lot of money.

If you are on a budget, but want to get started on growing your breast a new cup size, through natural means, here are some suggestions:

Learn how you can enhance your breasts size. Get a copy of Bust Boosting Solution - Natural Breast Enhancement. This guide will explain to you how natural breast enlargement works. It will provide you with concrete steps and actions you can take to get your breasts growing.

If you prefer to use a commercial product to enlarge your breasts. Two hundred thousand women have had success with the breast enlargement cream Perfect Woman. This is a quality breast enlarging cream that works. To visit Perfect Woman, just lick on one of the ads on this page.

If the money is really tight, then buying Bust Boosting Solution Guide is the least expensive option. Getting informed about an important subject like this one is always a good idea.

I went from an A Cup to a C Cup, naturally, using the sources mentioned above, without spending a fortune and so can you. The great thing about my breasts, compared to those coming from plastic surgeons is that THEY ARE MINE, and not some plastic filled bags...

Bust Boosting Solution ~ Natural Breast Enhancement

Bust Boosting Solution is a superb solution which soothes and relaxes your brain and fits your daily routine comfortably. ...

Read more ...

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A Perfect Woman Breast Cream Success Story
Feb 24th, 2011 by Aldouspi

A Perfect Woman Breast Cream Success Story

A 34 years old woman who shared her experiences with us by email, told us about how she got hurt while skiing with her husband, during the holidays. She had no choice, but to stay a long while at home, doing nothing, but watching TV and surfing the web at bed with her laptop.

She felt a bit down because of her situation, so she begun to look for things that could make her happier at that time. She always wanted to have bigger and fuller breasts, but she was also reluctant to any kind of surgery. Then she decided to give the Perfect Woman cream a try.

"A couple of months later, when I'd returned to work, many people at the office believed I was staying at home recovering from cosmetic surgery, because the size of my new breasts!" she wrote.

The good news is that cases like this one are becoming more and more common, but some people believe this is because drugs are discovered everyday. But actually Perfect Woman Breast Cream has been working for women for several years - over 100,000 of them, so far.

Why does it work? Read the following:

The female body produces a certain amount of estrogen during her puberty, that rapidly affects the growth and shape of the glandular tissue on her breasts. A similar process is activated later, during pregnancy, making the breast larger and fuller, but but most often the breasts gradually loose this volume once the breastfeeding is over.

The Perfect Woman Cream is a blend of different types of natural hormonal activators and herbal extracts with phyto nutrients that stimulates cell growth in the breast tissues - just as your body did during puberty. These combined ingredients form what are called "nutraceuticals" which are delivered through the skin, simulating the same effects of progesterone and estrogen found during pregnancy and puberty, but affecting only the breast - mammary glands.

In short -- the Perfect Woman cream achieves the very same effects of puberty by reproducing the hormonal process and by stimulating the breast tissues to grow once more. The results, for many women, is a permanent increase in breast size.

We are receiving very positive feedback from this product from many people pleased with the results, where they tell about the increase in their breast size and shape, improved skin tone, and firmness.

Do take into account, that the Perfect Woman cream is not a magic potion, and there are cases where little or no results were obtained by some women. This is simply because not every person's body has the same chemical response under hormonal activity.

While many women have find their breast firming up and beginning the new growth, after only a few days with using the Perfect Woman cream, this is not a rule for everyone. Your body may take a little longer to respond to the estrogenic action.

Not sure about which type of breast enlargement program will work the better for you? Bear in mind, that Perfect Woman offers their customers an unconditional money back guarantee.

=>To find out more about Perfect Woman Breast Cream Click Here.

Guest Author: Sarah Helen Barron loves to explore every beauty and health alternatives. ---- Article by Sarah Helen Barron

Brought to you by Perfect Woman Breast Cream is a first class and well documented and researched breast enlargement cream. You can see from this video and others on our channel that Perfect Woman is a great choice for breast enhancement. Click here to go...
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Perfect Women Breast Cream For Men, Too!
Jan 14th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Perfect Woman Breast Enlarging Cream For Men, Too!

Recently, I made a surprising discovery, at least, to me. Men can grow breasts, and some men want to.

Some months ago, I was at a party and during some girl talk I mentioned how Perfect Woman Breast Cream had helped me gain two cup sizes. This conversation was overheard by a husband of one of my girl friends. Later, the husband asked to talk to me in private, because he wanted to learn more about how breast enlarging creams work.

At first, I thought he was just flirting a little bit - as the subject is a little sexy. But then I found that he was serious about wanting to know how it was possible to grow larger breasts. At the time, I thought he was asking about this for his wife (but I was wrong.)

I explained to him, that Perfect Woman contained phytoestrogens that tell a woman's body to start growing their breasts again, in the same way they began to grow during puberty. And that it was possible to gain a cup size and more. That I had gained two myself.

Anyway, what I didn't realize, at the time, is that men, too, are biologically able to grow breasts - they just need the right hormonal signals to do it. And these are the same signals that Perfect Woman Breast Cream gives to the body - whether female or male.

Just a couple of days ago, I ran into my friend's husband once again. And I could not help, but notice, that he looked different somehow. When we hugged in greeting - I felt a difference, too.

I couldn't understand it, but the look of puzzlement in my eyes must have clued him in that I had noticed something.

Perfect Woman Breast Enlargement Cream

He then confessed that that conversation we had had months ago was for him. He had been wanting and thinking about growing breasts for a very long time. After our conversation, he had decided to take the plunge and had ordered Perfect Woman and used it.

The results: He now had two B cup sized breasts of his very own. I won't going into more detail about my friend's husband, except to say I did talk to her about it. She was fine with the changes and admitted that their sex life was as good or better than ever.

The world is an amazing place. Doing some research about male breast enlargement, I found out that their are men who are transgendering into woman who, of course, want breasts. But I also found that there are many men, who only want to grow breasts, and stop there. I found a website about this at

So if you are a man who want to grow breasts, you should check out: Perfect Woman Breast Cream, too.

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Using Positive Affirmations And Hypnosis for Breast Enlargement
Dec 10th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Using Positive Affirmations And Hypnosis for Breast Enlargement

I am sure you have heard about positive thinking or the use of positive affirmations - where you repeat in your mind, a phrase or idea that is related to something you want to have happen. In this case, what you want to have happen is for your breasts to grow larger.

Of course, you are probably going to be using breast enlarging supplements and/or a breast enhancing cream, but the use of positive affirmations and hypnosis can help those products work more effectively.

Imagining positive images and saying words to yourself encourages your subconscious to instruct your body to make your breasts bigger. Actions your subconscious can take may include:   Helping you change your eating habits to be healthier and to include a good source of tissue building protein. It may reinforce your need to get more sleep and cut back on caffeine.

Your subconscious can also help your body boost circulation to the breast area and improve your hormonal balance to best ensure new breast growth. While it is hard to quantify exactly what help your subconscious might provide, positive affirmation and even breast enlargement hypnosis can help ensure that your subconscious is on your side.

You can start out by saying to yourself each night before falling asleep - "My breasts are growing larger, every day" or similar words. And then imagine in your mind your breasts growing or imagine them the size and shape you want them to be.

For a stronger impact, you can try breast enhancing hypnosis, which involves listening to a CD or an mp3 file. A voice will speak to you, putting you into a trance and then give you specific instructions and images - all geared for making your breasts larger. This is done in the comfort of your home.

So think and say to yourself positive thoughts and positive images about yourself and your breasts. And if you want to try breast enhancing hypnosis, check out the Enhanced Breast Enlargement Program.

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